Quonset Point, North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852, United States
Fleet 448

Come Sail Hobie Catamarans with Us!

Sailing Locations

Quonset Point: Compass Rose Beach, North Kingstown RI

This is our premier event site. There is minimal boat traffic in the west passage of Narragansett Bay. The prevailing summer southwest wind and plenty of beach area provides easy access for boat launching and landing. We schedule 4-6 days of sailing from here during the summer months. 

This launch area is available for permitted events only, so it's not possible to just head there and launch unless we are having a scheduled event. At our events, we have access to the locked field, so we have plenty of room for 20+ vehicles, trailers & boats. 

Due to the location and access, even new sailors can launch from here safely. And since all sailing at Compass Rose Beach is during Fleet 448 events, there are always many experienced fleet members available to help with boat rigging & setup. There will also be plenty of our members out on the water to make sure new or inexperienced sailors can learn in a relatively safe and controlled area. 

Compass Rose Beach is right next to the Vineyard Fast Ferry dock and across the road from the Quonset State Airport. For Directions, look for the Vineyard Fast Ferry on Roger Williams Way, North Kingstown RI 

Goddard Park, Warwick RI

 This public park is open from May through October and there is no charge to enter or use the park. The park is located on Ives Road, Warwick, RI. When you turn off of Post Road (Rt 1), the main entrance to the park is several miles further and you will pass other entrances before reaching the main entrance. When you have entered the park, do not follow signs for the boat launch. (That is for people who need to launch from a trailer and can motor out of the cove.) Follow signs to the Beach and the Pavilion—this means you are keeping to the right all the way from the entrance to the beach area. When at the pavilion, turn right. We have a parking area at the far eastern end of the beach. It is between the middle and the back roads of the beachfront parking areas. 

Dogs are permitted in the park but must be leashed and controlled at all times. Bathrooms are open from dawn until dusk. Various food stands are open most of the summer months, but you can bring your own food & drink. 

Our fleet events at Goddard are usually in May-June or Sept-Oct as this is a very busy beach in the summer with a life-guarded swimming area and many organized walking,  running or other charity events as well as weddings and family celebrations. It is certainly possible to go there during the summer, especially on week days that are not crazy busy. We don't try to hold fleet events at busy times that might draw 12-15 boats and could cause problems or difficulties with other beach users. 

The park was donated by a horse lover to make sure that there is plenty of space to ride. Horses are often walking on the beach, in the parking area and on the many trails in the park. Make sure you are near your boat and that it is facing into the wind so that any noise from your sails banging in the wind does not scare the horses. 

Launching Note: Always make sure that you keep your boat to the east of the stairs at the end of the beach boardwalk. Go between the 2 posts to get from the parking lot to the beach. There are rocks just off the beach where we can launch—further east from the boardwalk. They are visible at low tide, but not at high. Make note of them before you leave the beach. 

Important!! This is a very busy public park. We have worked hard for many years to gain better access to the RI ocean. Please try to get along with others on the beach, even if they are not always being reasonable.  

Hoppy's Landing, Fairhaven MA

Hoppy's is always open and available for catamaran sailing! There is a very small beach area, so you have to be ready launch when you cat trax down from the parking area. You then have to navigate through a small channel area to get out to Buzzards Bay. The channel is short, but usually requires several tacks or gybes on leaving or returning. 

There is plenty of parking at Hoppy's for dozens of boats and trailers. Even on weekends in the summer! There is a per vehicle parking fee of $7.00 to be paid by exact cash or check, or you can pay by credit/debit card for $7.50. 

This is a relatively open area in Buzzards Bay along the eastern end of the Elizabeth Island chain. The water & wind conditions can change rapidly during the day. As it is easy for boats to become separated or out of sight here, we recommend a buddy system so you and at least 1-2 other boats always stay within sight of each other. Bring a VHF marine radio or a cell phone, just in case you need assistance. 

We are able to bring grills, coolers, food etc to this location, and there is a small beach  bar & grill across the access road as well. 

Hoppy's is on the right across the street from Earl's Marina—before you cross the causeway 

Gooseberry Island, Westport MA

Gooseberry Island is a great place to sail and is open from dawn to dusk. There is no entry fee, and it has a beach area, boat ramp and a walking trail out to the end of the spit of land. Facilities are limited, so bring your own drinks, food, etc. Sailing st Gooseberry will keep you at the western end of the Elizabeth Islands. Cuttyhunk is visible from the beach and is just over 6 miles away. Martha's Vineyard is about an additional 9 miles after you sail through the channel and head across to Menemsha. A  sail to Cuttyhunk and back can usually be completed in a couple of hours with prevailing southwest winds in the 10-15 range. 

For new or less experienced sailors, a short sail to the nice sandy beach at Barney's Joy is recommended. This will keep you in the more controlled area nearer the beach and out of the main channels in Buzzards Bay. 

We do not sponsor fleet events at this location due to the logistics and limited parking. There are about 10 places for boat/trailers, and these can fill up very early on a busy, hot summer weekend in July or August with powerboats & jet skis. There are usually several beach cats there early (by 8-8:30) on weekends with good wind and weather. Parking for additional vehicles without trailers is very limited. Since there is no charge to use Gooseberry, there are many adults, kids, and dogs on the beach, so you must launch and land carefully during busy times. 

Despite the logistical issues. Gooseberry is an awesome place to sail. And if you can possibly get away during weekdays, go for it!