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1980 Prindle 18 with Trailer for sale - $2,500. In great shape; tight hulls. I never intended to sell this so I updated it with the intention of keeping it for many years.  But, I just found a Prindle 18-2 that was too good to pass up. 

Here is what I did to the P-18 over the winter and during the spring:

Rebuilt the trailer. All new wiring and lights. All connections soldered and covered with liquid tape; wires run through plastic conduit ( I was sick of lights that never worked). New wheels, hubs and bearings. I built an awesome mast holder and have hooks to make strapping the hull down super easy. New rear rollers.

The boat:

Brand new side stays, fore stay and bridle wires. New trapeze wires, also added micro blocks so line runs through smooth.

Brand new main and jib halyards. Buzz line main and jib sheets.

7:1 downhaul system for mast and an outhaul/inhaul for the boom.

All new trampoline lacing.

Brand new drain plugs.

Brand new rudder lines. Locknuts added to locking mechanism for worry free use for a very long time. Rudders are in really nice shape. Nylon bushings added to the tiller system.

Brand new black deck plates.

All fittings have been re-sealed.

Brand new mainsheet block lower unit. Mainsheet system upgraded to 7:1. The buzz line flies through the blocks.

Added pigtail and quick release to the blocks. 

I have two sets of sails, the original, which could use some love and a very lightly used second set. It was near mint condition when I purchased it but I sent it out to Sailcare to have the resin re-impregnated and pocket protectors added. This sail is in almost new condition. 

I have a Hobie Bob that I will include if you feel you could use it.

A couple of videos of the boat:

The boat is located in Boylston, MA.  Please contact Pete at 508-847-6844 or

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